The company ethics & values are expressed in the way we work. Our ethical standards are reflected in the fundamental principles that guide our practices

Act in Accordance with Laws and Regulations

Behave Honestly and Promote a Culture of Business Integrity

Be Loyal both in our Relationships with Internal and External Stakeholders

Respecting Others and the Environment


The Company commits its support for the respect for human rights, as required by the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).
  • Commitment 1

    Respecting internationally recognized human rights.
  • Commitment 2

    Respecting the fundamental rights of its employees, in accordance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization.
  • Commitment 3

    Rejecting all forms of harassment and violence in the workplace and make sure that its employees are provided with a working environment that is respectful of their individual freedom and privacy.
  • Commitment 4

    Make sure that its activities do not infringe the rights of local communities surrounding its sites.
  • Commitment 5

    Make sure that assignments related to the security of its employees and assets are conducted with respect for human rights.


The company has undertaken an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment with ECO Consult and EcoConServ.

The company is committed to respect the environment, comply with Egyptian environmental regulations, the Equator Principles, the guidelines of World bank, IFC, EBRD, NEXI, JBIC, and the International Labor Organization.

The company has committed its contractors to respect the same principles and will ensure that contractors are implementing environmental protection measures, in particular for noise control and waste management.

The company will put in place an Environmental and Social Management Plan including the following concrete measures:

  • 1) Precautionary measures to reduce impacts on the vulnerable Dabb lizard species
  • 2) Engaging with Bedouin tribes being present in the vicinity of the project
  • 3) With the support of RCREEE, monitor bird migration and stop wind turbines where necessary
  • 4) Proactive reaction to any grievance
  • 5) Provide university grants to students of the disadvantaged population of the Ras Ghareb area


Health & Safety are considered paramount to the project.

The company is committed with all its contractors and subcontractors to implement a Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Management Plan in accordance with best industry practice and applicable laws.
During all activities, ranging from construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance, the company is committed to the protection of the environment, the safety and security of all personnel and others who may be affected by its activities.
As a company, we strive towards a target of “zero harm”. This can only be achieved if we work together when it comes to health, safety and security of all employees. We consider awareness and action is a duty of all, independent from function or appurtenance of the individual to the company, a contractor, or any third party.
Health & Safety culture is not only a priority but also a value for us. We emphasize our high Health & Safety standard of conduct when dealing with all our stakeholders, therefore we will promote a “no blame culture” for anyone on site who correctly reports an unsafe situation or who stops his own work in case he judges to be working in an unsafe condition.