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We understand that you may have questions about our operations, projects, or the renewable energy sector in general. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find answers to common queries.

  • What is the purpose of Red Sea Wind Energy SAE?
    Red Sea Wind Energy SAE was founded in 2020 to construct and manage a 500 MW greenfield wind farm project near the Gulf of Suez, Egypt. It represents a joint effort between ENGIE (France), Toyota Tsusho Corporation & Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Japan), and Orascom Construction (Egypt).
  • How much energy will the wind farm produce?
    Considering the site's favorable wind conditions, we expect the wind farm to attain a capacity factor of 55%. This figure represents a significant contribution to renewable energy production in the region of 2 TWh, this would power 800,000 Egyptian family homes.
  • What is the expected timeline for this project?
    The project's initial development phase commenced in 2017, with the financial closure achieved in the first quarter of 2023. Following this, the project is expected to achieve a commercial operation date (COD) after a construction period of 29 months.
  • Who are the key stakeholders in this project?
    Our project stakeholders encompass our joint venture partners, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, and multiple financing partners. Our partners for providing wind turbines, civil works, and electrical systems include Goldwind and Orascom Construction.
  • What are the Ethics and Values upheld by Red Sea Wind Energy SAE?
    Our company follows a strict Ethics and Values Charter, which guides our actions and decisions. It emphasizes compliance with laws and regulations, promoting business integrity, upholding loyalty, and fostering respect for others and the environment.
  • How does the company engage with Human Rights?
    Red Sea Wind Energy SAE is fully committed to upholding internationally recognized human rights. This includes respecting employees' fundamental rights, rejecting harassment and violence, ensuring our activities respect local community rights, and maintaining human rights respect in our security assignments.
  • How does the company commit to Environmental and Social Responsibility?
    We perform rigorous Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and comply with Egyptian environmental regulations and international norms. We mandate our contractors to implement protective environmental measures and develop a comprehensive Environmental and Social Management plan to mitigate potential impacts and engage beneficially with local communities.
  • How does the company handle Health & Safety concerns?
    Health & Safety form a vital part of our operational principles. We adhere to a robust Health, Safety & Environment plan consistent with Best Industry Practices and the relevant laws. Our objective is to maintain a “Zero Harm” environment and encourage a safety-conscious and aware culture among our employees and contractors.
  • What guides the company's Procurement process?
    Our procurement process follows a code of conduct that requires compliance with laws and regulations, ensures fair treatment of suppliers, safeguards confidentiality, and promotes ethical standards and sustainable development. Our detailed Procurement Policy is available for download for a more comprehensive understanding. Please note that project specifics may vary over time. For the most current information, we recommend reaching out to us directly.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Disclosures (ESIA Disclosures)
    At Red Sea Wind Energy SAE, transparency is a cornerstone of our environmental and social responsibility commitment. We believe in informing our stakeholders about our environmental and social impact assessments, ensuring they know our strategies and actions toward a sustainable future. Our ESIA disclosures provide detailed insights into our environmental and social impact, our efforts to mitigate any negative effects, and our initiatives to contribute positively to the communities where we operate. Below, you will find downloadable files of our ESIA disclosures. Each file provides comprehensive information on various aspects of our operations and their environmental and social implications. ESIA disclosures package 1. Non-Technical Summary (NTS) 2. Stakeholder Engagement Plan 3. Draft Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) 4. ESIA for the BOO Wind Power Plant 500MW at the Gulf of Suez 5. ESIA for the 220kV Overhead Transmission Line (OHTL) for the RSWE 500 MW Wind Farm Project 6. Red Sea Wind Energy 500 MW Project: Critical Habitat Assessment 7. Red Sea Wind Energy 500 MW Project: Cumulative Effects Analysis 8. Red Sea Wind Energy 500 MW Project: Environmental and Social Management System Manual Download package in Zip format: English | Arabic CEA: English | Arabic

For any further queries, concerns, or feedback about our ESIA disclosures, please contact We appreciate your interest and involvement in our journey towards sustainable wind energy.

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