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ESIA Disclosures

At Red Sea Wind Energy SAE, transparency is a cornerstone of our environmental and social responsibility commitment. We believe in informing our stakeholders about our environmental and social impact assessments, ensuring they know our strategies and actions toward a sustainable future.

The following documents are made available in the context of the project’s ongoing environmental & social disclosure efforts.

Please find below the downloadable versions of our ESIA reports, available in English and Arabic.

Non-Technical Summary (NTS)

(NTS) – 13/02/2024

(NTS) – 01/12/2022

(NTS) – 03/08/2020 

Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)

(ESIA) 01/02/2024 – Wind farm

(ESIA) 15/11/2022 – Wind farm

(ESIA) 01/07/2020 – Wind farm

(ESIA) 06/08/2020 – Overhead Transmission Line

Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS)

(ESMS) 22/11/2022 (FINAL)

(ESMS) 04/08/2020 (FINAL)

Critical Habitat Assessment (CHA)

(CHA) 15/02/2024

(CHA) 04/08/2020

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)

(SEP) 01/02/2024

(SEP) 30/07/2020

Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA)

(CEA) 15/02/2024

(CEA) 06/01/2021

(CEA) 01/08/2020

Environmental & Social Action Plan (ESAP)

(ESAP) 01/11/2022 

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)

Conducted by Lahmeyer/Ecoda on behalf of RCREEE are available here.

5-year bird monitoring program for 797 km2 in the Gulf of Suez

The final proposal for a 5-year bird monitoring program for 797 km2 in the Gulf of Suez is also available here.

Public Disclosures

(Public Disclosure) 01/02/2024

(Public Disclosure) 07/12/2020

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