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Our Commitments

At Red Sea Wind Energy SAE, our commitments to Ethics & Values, Human Rights, Environmental & Social Responsibility, and Health & Safety guide our pursuit of sustainable wind energy. They shape our actions, drive our decisions, and reflect our dedication to a responsible and sustainable future. Explore these commitments to understand our principles and vision for a greener tomorrow.

Ethics & Values

Our ethical standards and company values form the cornerstone of our operations. We abide by four fundamental principles, detailed in our Ethics and Values Charter


Principle 1

Compliance with Laws and Regulations


Principal 2

Upholding Honesty and Business Integrity


Principal 3

Demonstrating Loyalty to our Company and in Relations with External Parties


Principal 4

Respect for Others and the Environment

Human Rights

We are committed to respecting and upholding human rights, guided by the United Nations' Principles.


Our commitment is reflected in the following principles:

Respecting internationally recognized human rights.

Honoring the fundamental rights of our employees, following International Labor Organization conventions.

Rejecting all forms of harassment and violence in the workplace, ensuring a respectful work environment that protects individual freedom and privacy.

Guarantee our operations do not infringe upon the rights of local communities surrounding our sites.

Ensuring assignments related to employee and asset security respect human rights.

Environmental & Social

We are proud to have conducted an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment with EcoConServ. Committed to environmental protection, we adhere to Egyptian environmental regulations, the Equator Principles, World Bank guidelines, IFC, NEXI, JBIC, EBRD, and International Labor Organization standards.


We ensure our contractors respect the same principles and implement appropriate environmental protection measures, particularly noise, air quality control, and waste management.

We have instituted an Environmental and Social Management Plan, which includes:

Precautionary measures to mitigate impacts on the Dabb lizard species.

Engagement with Bedouin tribes in the project vicinity.

Monitor bird migration (with RCREEE support) and halt wind turbines if necessary.

Active response to any grievances.

Provision of university grants to students from the economically disadvantaged population of the Ras Ghareb area.

Fog and Nature

Health & Safety

Health & Safety are integral to our project, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards. We work closely with our contractors and subcontractors to implement a robust Health, Safety & Environment plan, following Best Industry Practices and applicable laws.


From construction to commissioning, operations, and maintenance, our focus remains on environmental protection and the safety and security of all personnel and other stakeholders.


Our "Zero Harm" aspiration can only be realized through collective effort. We encourage a culture of safety awareness and responsibility across all roles and affiliations, promoting a “no blame culture” for those who report unsafe conditions or halt work due to safety concerns.

To fulfill this policy, we require all stakeholders to strive for continuously:

Zero fatalities

Zero injuries

Zero significant environmental incidents

Compliance with all applicable HSE Laws

Continuous improvement in HSE practices

Compliance with the company’s 9 life-saving rules

Effective management and promotion of HSE aspects of the works

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