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CSR Projects with Great Achievements

Updated: Apr 8


Outpatients' clinics and Health Insurance Building Renovation RSWE has made significant efforts in completing the development and renovation of the Outpatient clinic building and the Health Insurance building in Ras Gharib. These endeavors aim to provide quality healthcare services and cater to the diverse needs of the city's residents.

The Outpatient Clinics Building has been thoroughly upgraded Through this development, the building is now capable of accommodating a larger number of patients and offering comprehensive medical care to all segments of the community. RSWE has ensured that the building is well-equipped to meet the growing demands for healthcare services in Ras Gharib.

and The Health Insurance building, catering to individuals covered by state-funded health insurance, has undergone significant renovations. This renovation has enhanced the facility's capacity to serve the insured population in Ras Gharib effectively.

The efforts of RSWE Company have had a profound positive impact on the residents of Ras Gharib. The entire community has benefited from the improved healthcare services provided.

Before After

Before After

Before After

Stakeholder Consultation Event On 07 March 2024, RSWE conducted a stakeholder consultation session to clarify and engage stakeholders in the project, discuss its potential impacts, and establish a mechanism for continuous communication with them throughout the project duration. This session is part of the company's commitment to obtaining the carbon certification from Gold Standard. The session witnessed a significant attendance of stakeholders, and it involved consultations with RSWE's CEO Mr. Antoney Watson, and the CSR Officer for RSWE company with the whole stakeholders in Ras Ghareb.

Ramadan Charity boxes RSWE company, in collaboration with RGWE Company, has taken the initiative to organize a charity campaign aimed at distributing Ramadan boxes to the most disadvantaged families. Together, they have acquired over 212 boxes. These boxes were distributed to families in need within Ras Ghareb city, identified by the Ras Ghareb charity offices and active social workers. This charitable campaign has brought joy and happiness to the hearts of needy families during the blessed month of Ramadan.

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